Parenteau Analytics is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering advisory and consulting services to institutional clients such as insurance companies, pension funds, endowments and foundations. We do our own independent research and we do not limit our research to options that are affected by conflicts of interest or distractions like whether or not a firm, product, asset class, or service has agreed to participate in a “wrap-fee” program or other “concessions” for approval. In cases where a captive insurance company is required to remain in solely U.S. Government short-duration fixed-income, we will act in the capacity of independent, third party solicitor for the appropriate product and firm involved. In all other circumstances, we will accept only a fully disclosed fee based upon asset values. In no circumstance will we accept both advisory and solicitorship fees, either with or without disclosure. We will not ever accept soft-dollar arrangements for payment, and we will not engage in any other conflicts of interest. 100% of any compensation received will always be disclosed and pre-approved by clients.

We are registered Municipal Advisors for public employee pension funds.

As a philosophy, we believe in risk-adjusted returns, with a focus on downside risk, and seeking to minimize correlated return drivers. We tend to believe that smaller, younger firms typically outperform larger, more established firms in certain capacity constrained asset classes, and that other asset classes are simply best indexed.

We believe in steeply discounting our consulting and advisory fees for portions of a client portfolio which are passively managed. This is especially true for clients who agree with us that airline travel is unnecessary given the advances in “telepresence”, videoconferencing, e-mails, and telephone communications. We are more than willing to pass these savings onto clients.

We seek long-term client relationships where we truly can add value over time. Unlike the industry common parlance, we do not view a new client mandate as a “closing”, but rather as an “opening” of a new relationship. We would prefer to view new client relationships as part of an overall process, rather than an “event”.

We are very research and data driven, preferring to focus on analytical work than travel or entertainment. We love technology and the efficiencies it can bring to this process. While we are happy to meet with clients as often as they like, we are also big believers in using videoconferencing and teleconferencing as means of communications, allowing us to do more of what clients are paying us for – finding, cultivating, and monitoring ideas. We would far prefer re-directing savings from travel, client entertainment, and gifts to technology which can enhance our abilities to perform. We would far prefer to spend time doing research on the ground, than collecting frequent flier miles in the air.  We also believe that firms that focus time and money on marketing, conferences, and “sales” events are doing so to the detriment of their existing clients.

Parenteau Analytics

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